Issue of Girl Security

Issue of Girl Security

Another assignment for the day #4. It is something we all Women related about the #OccupyBaluwatar Campaign. This morning I went through by Jemima Sherpa which was about sexual harassment that girls in Kathmandu face from stranger and own relatives or friends. And, when the limit is crossed who should be plead for help? Obviously, the security of the government: police. But, after the incident of Sita Rai, I really wonder we are secure around them or would we get justice.

How could we feel safe after the officers who were supposed to protect us from these harassment and abuses would turn out to be culprit? We are in an age where we are talking about women empowerment, making them capable to stand for self. But, it will not be something that just under the control of women alone. We definitely need support of the government, security officials and society. Until and unless their view changes, the empowerment of all Nepalese women will not be possible.

When I talk about myself, after such incidents even my parents get worried when I get late for home or when I travel around myself. It is really annoying that the administration cannot provide us safety in daylight and the worst part is ‘No Justice”. The system is so bad that the culprit can get away so easily. What is it worth proving that our government is so weak that it cannot provide justice even though the whole nation knows the reality? These factors might be ignored or suppressed by the government but they make a greater impact in the society, to the people who live here.

Though the case of Sita Rai along with other cases bought out the issue of violence against women in Nepal, government is not showing much of a serious response to it. We can at least convince ourselves that this has been able to bring up the issue in focus of the society and government. Instead of nothing, there is something going on, some space are being occupied, some steps are being taken.

Though this is not sufficient to make sure that women will be safe and protected in the society, day and night, it has at least increased awareness about this issue. Women now know that it is not they should not be hiding these stuffs and holding it to themselves. If they come in front, many-many people will come forward to help them. It is important that you take a step for yourself first and support will follow you.

At last, the credit goes to the bravery of Sita Rai who was courageous enough to bring her problem to the society and that not only helped her in some way till now but also gave lesson to many women who have been facing similar circumstances. My best wishes to everyone involved in the campaign. Looking forward to hear more about #OccupyBaluwatar from the activist Pranika Koyu tomorrow.


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